Motor controllers

I have access to about 1000 new motor controllers. I would like to use them but they are non zero reset controllers. How, in a economical way, do I make them into zero reset controllers? They are SCR drives with an output of 0 - 90 VDC. Input 120VAC. Any help would be appreciated.

More information here might help, maybe some pics? Please explain the “reset” and what is zero (0v, zero instruction data, etc.)

yep… the question is not clear…

well,actually, it’s up to the engineer. if u truely want to change 100 motor contollers into zero reset function, then the fact is the deal cost u more. we now have launched a market-focused type THB6128,SANYO semiconductor of Japan, which with the reset pin and enable pin, thermal shutdown circuit, over current protection circuit, available forward reverse control, advance the excitation step with the only step signal input, only $3.6/pc :smiley: , 0.6g,15.5510.52.5 mm. high tech and good reputation. we also have another type THB6064AH, the 2 are our hot sales now in the worldwide. if u got the interests just contact me. Fax:(86)-010-52083056