Motor Controller

I am looking around to a simple and preferably cheap solution to an art Project that I am putting together. I need to control multple motors via a PC. They do not have to be stepper motors, they can be simple 1 amp DC motors( mainly need to have bidirectional control). I do have a lot of C++ Programming experience to program to the serial port if necessary, but my electrnics experience is poor. Do you guys have a cheap solution (motor controllers) to accomplish this - say about 10 motors? I have seen many solutions sold for OEM purpuses using many thousands of dollars for networked motorcontrollers and drivers out on the web but this is obviously way to expensive and way more accurate than what i would need. Any suggestions?


Our dual motor controllers can be daisy-chained on a single serial line to control up to several dozen motors. Our low-voltage version can deliver up to 5A at voltages up to 7V. For higher voltages, our original dual motor controller could work, though 1 A is its limit. What voltage and current do you really need?

- Jan