Motor controller recommendation

Hi, I’m planning to use two 19:1 metal gearmotors in my robot project. Which motor driver you would suggest to use with them?

Robot controller will be oopic-r.


If you want just a motor driver, I’d recommend the dual VNH2SP30 carrier. If cost is a big deal, you can save a bit by going for the dual VNH3SP30 carrier, but you’d lose current sensing and the ability to do ultrasonic PWM.

I also strongly recommend that you consider the new qik 2s12v10 dual serial motor controller, which is effectively the dual VNH2SP30 carrier with an on-board microcontroller to give you higher-level control of the motors without taking up a lot of your main controller’s resources. Depending on your controller, you might even get better performance than you could ever get from a direct connection to the motor drivers (for instance, many controllers won’t be able to do two ultrasonic PWM outputs).

- Jan