Motor Controller Paired with Bluetooth

To all much smarter then I:
I am very new to this topic and I am working on a prototype design. What I am wanting to do is have very basic controll of up to 2 motors with commands sent via Bluetooth link. Would I need to have a controller in the design or could I K.I.S.S and use a bluetooth module and a motor driver paired together? I appreciate any Ideas and assistance.


I don’t know of a Bluetooth module that generates lower-level motor driver signals or an integrated Bluetooth-motor-driver board. I think you will need a motor controller. You should be able to chain a Bluetooth-to-serial module with one of our motor controllers with a serial interface. A BlueSMIRF and a qik serial motor controller might be a good combination. We sell a lot of motor controllers that have a serial interface, so there are plenty of choices depending on your needs.

- Ryan