Motor controller of choice


I’ve used your Qik 2s9v motor controller with great success before. Now I’m upgrading my motors. I’ll be using two Pittman 19.1V GM8712’s which have a no-load current at 0.14 A and stall current at 1.76 A each. My plan is to drive these off 2x 11.1v Li-Po battery packs. So the volt can be as high as ~24v and nominal volt should be at 22.2v.

My question is just what kind of motor driver/controller you guys recommend for a setup like this. I’ve seen that you have pointed out that the VNH3SP30 driver not is suited for volt over 16. Is the Dual MC33887 Motor Driver Carrier my only option. Or maybe its an idea to regulate my voltage down to a stable 20ish volt and use the Pololu TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller DMC02.

Looking forward to your expert advice.

Regards, simon.


A higher-voltage qik is on our list of products to work on, but it’s likely more than a month away. In the meantime, the TReX Jr you mentioned is the only controller I can recommend. That uses the MC33887 motor driver, so the dual carrier for that will give you similar performance but require you to generate the low-level motor control signals yourself.

- Jan

Thanks for your reply.

I will probably wait for the new Qik hardware as I liked the smaller version very much.