More than one servo from ONE maestro output?

Hi guys,
I’m making real progress with my project and have a question. I am using a 24 and a 12 output maestro servo controller boards (yup, my project has that many servos!!) and I have 2 servos doing exactly the same movements at the same time (this is to share the load of a heavy movement which already is assisted by counterweights). At the moment, I control these 2 servos from two channels. Can I control them both from the same channel? I note that Y shape splitter connector cables are available. If the answer is yes, is there a maximum that can be controlled from the one channel. Incidently, the 2 servos in question are identical.
Thanks, and keep up the good work there in Pololuland.

Hi, Gordon.

Yes, you can do that. How many you can control with one servo will depend on how much current the inputs of your servos draw and the resistance of your wires, etc. The output current of the Maestro’s IO pin is limited by a 220 Ohm resistor. When doing this kind of wiring I recommend you try to be aware of where the power current is flowing. For example, connecting two servos with a Y-cable to the Maestro means the power pins (and the wires) are going to have twice the current. For a few servos, this is probably fine.

- Ryan