More Reliable Motor Driver products?

Hi All,

I’m trying to decide between the High Power Mosfet H-Bridge Drivers and the ST Micro VNH5019 based drivers. Both sets have the functionality I would like, and my motors stall at 24V 7A.

Which products are more reliable, work better, and have less problems? :wink:


The VNH5019 motor drivers have a lot more integrated protection features, but that can also make them more limited (their over-current protection can kick in at 30 A, and their over-voltage protection can kick in at 24 V). If you’re planning on using a motor at 24 V, I would go with our 24v12 high-power motor driver, since you would probably have over-voltage problems with the VNH5019 at 24 V. If you’re planning on using a lower voltage (and hence a lower stall current), I’d suggest going with our MC33926 motor driver.

- Ben