Momentary start switch for maestro 6 ch (1350)

I want to make my maestro turn on w/a momentary kick of a relay ( c & n.o.) & then stop & reset. I have the sequence saved to a script. I need help asap I have a deadline Thanks


The Maestro does not have the ability to turn power itself on and stay on from any sort of oscillating signal. I mentioned this when I talked to you on the phone, but I wanted to also add a response here in case anyone who comes across this forum post has a similar question.

For this kind of application you should configure the Maestro to run its script when it starts up. This is discussed in the “Entering a script” section of the Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide.

Alternatively, if the Maestro is already powered up, it is possible to monitor a channel and have it behave in a programmable way when provided an input signal (like the oscillating signal you mentioned on the phone call).