Modularisation of Hardware

Hi, ive got a bit of a philosophical problem. Basically im makeing a robot and I dont know whether or not it is a good idea to make all my hardware modular. For instance i have decided that I am going to use a seperate small PIC (10f) for the IR proximity/comms and larger pic for the brains (18f) but I dont know whether to have a seperated pic for the motors when the 18f is more than capable.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Phil Winder


I’d recommend making the call based on what hardware you need. If you have enough spare PWM outputs and I/O on your main controller, I’d just use that; if the resources on your main PIC are used up, use another controller. Keep in mind that an additional controller can make things a lot easier, but only if you break up the functionality in a way that communication between the modules isn’t a big burden on the individual controllers or on your overall system performance.

- Jan

ok thanks, that is what I thought, and as seen as the 18f will have spare PWM’s then I might as well.