Miniature geared DC motor

Need miniature DC geared motor of following description,

  • Motor is needed to built models for STEM program
  • Output shaft should be at right angle to motor axis
  • Output should be available on both sides, right hand & left hand
  • rpm of shaft 100
  • Ordering specification and code number
  • Price per unit
  • Want to understand difference between Brush and Brush less miniature motors
  • which one is more suitable for builting toys for STEM programs
  • Are these motors are available in low rpm, say 500
  • ordering specification
  • Unit prics (approx)


From your post it sounds like we answered your first question in a response to an email you sent us. As we said in that response, the closest product we carry to your description is probably the Tamiya 70103 Universal Gearbox Kit; you can use the 101:1 gearbox configuration to get an output of 121 RPM.

We do not carry a similar gearbox for the 500 RPM specification, but you might look at the Tamiya 70093 3-Speed Crank-Axle Gearbox Kit which can reach speeds of 723 RPM using the 17:1 gearbox configuration.

You might find this article about the differences between brushed and brushless motors useful. You should also be able to find many other articles with a brief Internet search.


Thank you very much Derrill