Mini SSC Protocol Works - Compact and Pololu Don't

I have a servo, that only moves when I code with Mini SSC protocol. When I used Compact and Pololu protocols, I cannot make the servo move at all.

I have another servo though (same model Hitec servo as the first servo), that does in fact move when I use Mini SSC, Compact, or Pololu protocols.

Do you have any idea why my first servo only responds to Mini SSC protocol?

I have the 18 servo Maestro unit. I have both servos on different channels (the “all protocol” responsive servo on channel 3 - and the “Mini SSC protocol responsive” only servo on channel 4).


You might have a power problem, so please test your code without any servos connected, looking at the Maestro Control Center to see how the positions are changing. If that does not work as expected, can you post the specific working and non-working commands here?


I looked at the Compact and Pololu protocol definitions again in the user guide and I see that I had an extra unnecessary parameter there that caused the channel 4 servo not to move. After I deleted that parameter, both servos move now using any of the three protocols. Thanks.