Mini Pushbutton Power Switch

I have a Mini Pushbutton Power Switch for LV that I want to connect to a tactile switch to turn a tiny led on and off. Can someone provide me with a simple diagram to perform this task? So far I have the voltage in and out connected to a 12v battery, but it seems like I have an issue with the ground connections.

Thanks for your help.

I moved your post to the “Other Pololu products” section of the forum since it seems more appropriate.

It sounds like you are connecting your battery leads to VIN and VOUT, which is definitely not correct (if the board were able to turn on, it would essentially short your battery through the switch).

We do not have a diagram for the setup you described, but in general I recommend getting it working with the onboard button first. The positive lead from your 12V battery should connect to the board’s VIN pin and the negative (ground) lead from your battery should connect to the board’s GND pin. Then, when the power switch is on, the VIN voltage will be available on VOUT, so you can connect your LED between VOUT and GND (with the cathode connected to GND). However, please note that if your LED does not already have a current limiting resistor built into it, you should probably be taking steps to limit the current and double checking that it is safe to power it from 12V. You can find some more information in this post.


Thank you Brandon so much!
I obviously don’t know much about electronics. Your solution really helped, thank you again for your advice with the resistors also! It works now :smiley: