Mini Maestro

what is the max amp that a 12 channel Maestro can handle?


You can see information about the current load the Maestro servo power rails and connections can handle in this forum post.


thanks for the responce.
after reading, what i interpret was i can use a 6000mAh battery at 7.2 volts.
im thinking about using a lipo i have that is ^ and wanted to see if this is ok or if i would fry the board.

Your batteries will not push current into the Maestro, so having a large capacity does not mean that a large current will flow through the power rail or damage the board. The servos connected to the rail will determine the current because they will each draw as much current as they need to run. You should add the current draw of each servo you have attached to the power rail to and be sure the total is within the ranges specified in the forum post I linked to.

Additionally, you should check the voltage ratings of your servos to be sure they can handle the fully charged voltage of your battery (most servos are rated for a nominal battery voltage range of 4.8V to 6V).