Mini Maestro: problem running scripts disconnected from USB

I have my servos working just fine when USB is attached, but when I disconnect from USB (and connect a battery to power the board and servos) no scripts will run. I tried some example code that just blinks the red LED and this will not run off-USB either. I have the board-power wired to a 9V battery (pins VIN and GND on the board) when I’m off-USB. Also, for some reason on or off-USB I get a blinking yellow LED all the time. I’m not sure what this means, as the documentation seems to indicate a reset state that is not occurring. Any thoughts? I really appreciate the help.


I am sorry you are having problems with your Maestro. Could you make sure that the “Run script on startup” box is checked under Script tab the Maestro Control Center? At this point, the blinking yellow LED does not seem like a big concern.

- Jeremy

Solved! I totally missed that check box.Thanks Jeremy!