Mini-maestro and Robo claw


Is the Mini-maestro able to communicate with the Robo claw using the “packet serial” protocol of the motor controller?

It says in the Roboclaw manual that it uses the RS232 8N1 format… Would I be able to communicate with it from a pc through the mini maestro? I need to use the packet serial mode in order to access the quadrature decoding features of the Roboclaw.

Also, the Roboclaw has been out of stock for a little while now, any indication of when it’ll be back?




Yes, the Maestro can function as a general-purpose USB-to-TTL serial adapter for projects controlled from a PC. To do this, you need to put it in USB Dual Port mode on the Serial Settings tab of the control center, then connect to the TTL virtual COM port that is made available to your computer. Some RoboClaws should be back in stock within a couple days; feel free to backorder one!

- Ryan