Mini maestro and music play back

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around with a micro maestro, and I’m now turning my attention to a project. I’d like to be able to use the maestro to trigger music play back. I’ve found a couple of MP3 players on, but would prefer not to wait 6 weeks for international delivery if possible - I’m having trouble finding anything else though. Also, it seems that, since the mdfly boards need a specific hex string sending to trigger playback, a micro maestro wouldn’t do the job. I’d need one of the mini maestros?

Any thoughts on the best way forward please? Is one of the boards the way to go, or do equally good alternatives exist?


I recommend the MP3 trigger:

Since it uses simple digital inputs to trigger the MP3s, it is straightforward to control it with a Maestro channel that is configured as a digital output.


This might come a little late, but I’ve had a fairly good experience with the SOMO-14D module SparkFun used to resell. It’s smaller and uses less power than the MP3 Trigger, but a little trickier to work with. It looks like SparkFun has their own version of the board now.

- Kevin