Mini Maestro 24 crash

I have a mini maestro 24 that has been working very well, then today while it was running a servo it froze and now I can’t get any response out of it. I disconnected everything from the board and plugged in the usb, I get all three LED’s (Red, Yellow, Green) on solid. The board does not show up in the maestro control center and it does not appear to recognize the usb connect/disconnect aside from lighting the LED’s. Is it possible the firmware was messed up somehow? if so, is it possible to reload and fix the board?

Hello. I am sorry you are having trouble with the Mini Maestro 24. Is any part of the Maestro getting hot when you just plug it into USB? If not, there is a some chance that the firmware has been corrupted and you could reflash the Mini Maestro to fix it. Please try these steps to get it into bootloader mode:

  1. Disconnect everything from the Mini Maestro.

  2. Using a screwdriver or some other conductive tool, short the two exposed bootloader pads shown below.

  3. While the pads are shorted together, connect the Maestro to USB. Usually the easiest way to do this is to have one end of the USB cable already plugged into the Maestro, and connect the other end to the computer after you have shorted the pads.

This might take a few tries. If it works, you should see a new entry for the Maestro bootloader appear in your device manager and see the green LED on the Maestro do a repeating double-blink pattern. Please let me know what your results are.



Thank you for the reply, the backside of the board underneath the pic gets very hot, very quickly. It might be normal, I haven’t paid attention to how much heat it put out when it was operating. I tried jumping the pads to see if I could get in to reflash it. No luck. Ordered 2 additional boards to replace it, will do an autopsy on the board when I have time.