Mini Maestro 18 won't connect via usb to Win 7 64 bit

I have a Maestro 18 that will connect and disconnect repeatedly(1-2 seconds) continuously until I unplug it. It only does it when there is power connected to the VSRV pins. When I plug in the usb cable without power connected the yellow light blinks once and then nothing. It doesn’t even try to connect.


I am sorry you are having trouble with the Mini Maestro 18.

How did you get the Maestro? Did it always behave this way, or is it something that started recently?

What position is the Maestro’s blue shorting block/jumper in? Do you have anything connected other than USB and servo power? What are you using for the servo power supply?

A picture of your setup showing how everything is connected to the Maestro would help a lot. The place where you should connect servo power is not labeled VSRV, so I am worried that you might have plugged it into the wrong place.


I bought it on Amazon.
The problem started when I connected power to it.
I had plugged it in with just usb once before to see if it worked(and it did connect, though I didn’t use it at that time as I didn’t have power hooked up yet).
Nothing else was connected but the usb and power.
The power supply was a 9v wall wort connected to the screw terminals on the corner of the board.
The blue jumper was in the VSRV=VIN position.
I got the term VSRV for the screw terminals from the PDF I downloaded from your site. :smiley:

It sounds like the Maestro was working, and then you tried powering it from the 9V power supply and it stopped working. We should try to figure out what happened. Is it possible that you plugged in the power backwards? Again, a picture of your setup would help.


the polarity was correct. that was the first thing i checked when it stopped working. I would send a picture but I unhooked the unit when it started malfunctioning so as not to cause any further damage.

Hello. Please email us directly and we’ll see what we can do about getting you a replacement. Your email should include your Amazon order information and refer to this forum thread.