Mini Maestro-18 random jitters with servo TowerPro SG90

Hi !

I’m quite a newbie concerning controllers and servos, but I would like to know if you can help me plz and if you also encounter this kind of issue:

  • I’m on a mini maestro 18 channels, connected to 4 servos (type Tower Pro Micro Servo 9g - SG90), plugged in power source directly / means no battery → See attached photo

  • And I have some jitters/glitches on the 4 servos when
    1/ I power up the controller (no servo enabled yet)
    2/ or when I’m moving one servo.
    → you can also find the configuration setting image attached too.

Thank you for your help !


Considering you are seeing jittery movements in your system, it sounds like a power issue. What are you using to supply power to the power rails on your Maestro? It is likely your power supply is not able to source enough current for all four servos in your setup. We generally recommend using a power supply that can provide about 1A per servo for standard servos.

By the way, since you are new to servos, it might be helpful for you to read this series of blog posts about how hobby servos work.

- Amanda

I have a 2.5A as my source power but when I removed 2 or 3 of my servos, I still have it…

What is the voltage rating of your power supply? Do you have another way to test your servos (e.g. an RC transmitter/receiver, microcontroller like an Arduino) to see if they have the same behavior? This could help narrow down the issue to your servos or the Maestro. If you have a different servo, that you know works, can you try connecting it to your Maestro, disconnecting all your other servos, and try moving the servo in the Maestro Control Center? Also, could you post (or link to) a video clip showing the servos’ jittery behavior when you try moving one servo?

- Amanda

My power supply is 5V and 2.5A.

Well sorry it’s seems I can’t reproduce it with only one servo.
And with 2 servos, the jitter is less “brutal” on power startup, but when moving both I still have the jitters… I can’t add my video (mp4 - 14Mo…)

Here’s a video I found and I have similar behavior with my servos:

Maybe his solution may work…

At this point, I suspect that your servos are causing the issue. You could try adding a ferrite bead to your setup as demonstrated in the video that you linked to to see if that helps reduce the jittery behavior. Can you try testing your other three servos individually by connecting them to your Maestro one at a time and see if each servo moves smoothly on its own?

Also, you might consider hosting your video on a video hosting website (like YouTube or Vimeo) and posting links to it here so that we can see exactly what you are seeing.

- Amanda

Sorry for my late answer.

Here’s the video

I’ve also tried the solution of the video and it seems to jitter alot less than before, I can even put more servos on it.

Thanks for posting a link to your video showing your servos’ behavior and for letting us know that the ferrite bead helped reduce the jitter in your system. After watching your video it does look like a noise issue with your servos, you might try getting a more robust servo brand (like Power HD).

- Amanda