Mini Maestro 18-Channel USB controller no response

Hi ,

Got the Mini Maestro 18-Channel controller. Installed the Windows 10 drivers and system can see the controller. But when I use the Maestro Controller to try moving the servo, but nothing happen. Any idea?


I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with our Mini Maestro Controller. What servo are you using, and how are you powering it? Does the servo hold its position or is the servo just not powered at all?



I am using DS3218MG. Seem the servo not powered at all. But I checked the power supply is working properly.



Could you post some pictures of your setup that clearly show all of your connections? Some of the wires in the picture from your first post are out of the frame. Also, what kind of power supply are you using and how did you check that it is working properly?


Tried the simple setup with one servo.

I am a little confused by your most recent pictures as the servo in your picture looks different from the one you originally said you are using, and it looks like you have a different Maestro in these pictures compared to the previous ones. Did you change your whole setup, and are you still experiencing the same problems?

If so, that would strongly point to an issue with how you are powering things. What is your power supply? Can you send a picture of your setup that shows how the power supply and how it is connected?