Mini Maestro 12 Voltage Problem

Hi there,

i am new in Servo Controller working.

I have 2 Mini Maestro 6 working here for my new Project i bought a 12 Version.

i used in the 6 Version the Batterie Pines for Voltage. I tested with GND and VIN but no Servo works.

Can you help me ?


sorry for my bad english


I am sorry you are having trouble with the Mini Maestro 12 servo controller. If you are wondering where to connect power, please check the “Mini Maestro Pinout and Components” section of the Maestro User’s Guide. The diagrams there label where the servo power connection is. If you need more help, please provide more details and read the General Advice for Getting Help post.


Hi David,

i used a notebook powersupply. 12 Volt 3 A. I done it like one other here

the servo run crazy from left to right and then he died in my armes. a big smoke cloud was coming out of it.

I used the Maestro 6 Version with a 12 Volt 2 Ampere and all works good.

What is here the problem?



all is working fine. i bought a new 5 V 2 A , and all is working very smooth.