Mini maestro 12 servo and SFR04

Hi all,

I’ve a PWM pinout on my board mini maestro 12 servo but I dont’know how set pwm pinout to generate trigger signal (on time 10 microseconds on period about 10 milliseconds).

Someone can helping me write a script code to read this simple sensor?

Many thanks,

PS: Happy Christmas every one :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds like you are referring to the SRF04 Ultra-Sonic Ranger. This sensor looks like it has an echo pulse output that you would need to measure the width of to get useful data from the sensor. Unfortunately, the Maestro cannot measure this kind of signal. You might consider using a sensor that has a more appropriate output signal for the Maestro, such as the Maxbotix sonar range finders. You can find a variety of Maxbotix sensors in the “Sonar Range Finders” section of our website.


Thanks a lot brandon :smiley: