Mini Maestro 12 not activating servos

I am using W 7 Pro. I have installed a mini maestro 12 . I have 5v power going to the center plus pin and a ground going to the outer minus volts pin (right side). I do not have the jumper connected. The maestro shows connected in the Pololu software. The green led is flashing quite fast, the yellow led blinks twice on a continuous basis. I have 6 servos connected to the card using ports o through 5. I have activated them under status and the dot in the slider shows green, however when I move the slider it does not move my servo needles. I cannot seem to figure out why. I have double checked my wiring, and cannot see any faults. Looking for some more ideas to try.

EDIT:A little more info. Firmware is 1.02, Software shows connected to pololu ######## USB Chained and ignore usb is checked.



EDIT 2: I found a blown fuse in my system. All working now. You my delete this post. Pardon me for the inconvenience.

Hello, Ed.

Thank you for letting us know you found the problem.