Mini Maestro 12 daisy chaining

I have just purchased the above servo controller and am extremely pleased with how easy
it is to use. I have a requirement to control around 100 servos for a TV ad, and would like
to know about daisy chaining. If I buy 4 x 24 ch boards, and daisy chain them as per the
manual, would 96 servos appear in the Status tab in Maestro Control Centre??

If anyone has done this and could explain how to do it in reasonably simplistic
terms I would be very grateful.



Hello, Roger.

The Maestro Control Center uses the Maestro’s native USB connection, while daisy chaining only works if you are controlling the master device (the first Maestro in the chain) with its virtual COM ports, so unfortunately you would not be able to control all 96 servos from the Control Center.

If you want to use our software, you could connect all four Maestros with USB to the computer and run four instances of the Control Center. Otherwise, you could consider developing your own software to communicate with one Maestro using the virtual COM ports and chain the rest of the Maestros together with the first.

- Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your speedy reply - do you know of any software that is available off
the shelf to enable daisy chaining?? We are in a very tight timeframe for this job
and would not be able to wait for bespoke software to be written. We might get
away with multiple Command Control Centre instances but synchonising the sequences
will probably be a big headache.

Kind Regards


Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any available software that might help in your specific situation. If you tell us more about what you are trying to do, though, we might be able to suggest an alternate solution. Are you using manual control, sequences, or scripts to control the servos? Do you just need to perform a fixed routine, or do you need the Maestros to respond to external inputs?

- Kevin