Mini Maestro 12 Channel Noob

Hello all, I’m running my Mini 12 with a 6v 1700 Nickel Metal Hydride and it’s connected to my laptop via USB. Here’s my issue: when I run each servo individually in my project they work fine but when I add more servos to the Mini they all jitter which leads me to believe from reading I’m low on power? By jitter I mean they are physically erratic not noise related. My 4 servos are setup to take 6v each and the battery I’m using is a 1700 6v what am I missing? How do add more power with out frying my servos? Any help would be appreciated thanks so much.


From your description, it sounds like a power issue. Can you post links to the servos you are using? Can you measure the voltage of your battery pack both with the servos behaving erratically and when they are not? If it seems low, you should make sure that the battery pack is fully charged and try again to see if that helps. If you want to try a different battery pack, you can use a battery pack that has the same voltage, but a higher mAh rating without damaging the servos. Also, can you post some pictures of your setup that shows all of your connections?


Thank you, battery pack is fully charged brand new. I guess I can buy and try another one. I dont have the ability to test voltage drop when connected. Here is link to my servos Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking37825__Turnigy_8482_TGY_50090M_Analog_Servo_MG_1_6kg_0_08sec_9g_US_Warehouse.htmland

Please see pics of my connections attached. Won’t a larger battery capacity just allow for longer run times? This won’t help voltage wise correct? Thanks for the help much appreciated.

It sounds like you do not have access to a multimeter. I suggest purchasing one of these most useful and sometimes necessary tools. Multimeters are an essential tool to have when using electronics like these. If you have not charged the battery pack yourself, it probably does not have a full charge, since they discharge over time while stored. So measuring the voltage of the battery is the only way to be sure it is fully charged and measuring the voltage drop while those servos are moving is a good way to determine if it is dropping low enough to cause problems.

You can find multimeters at some electronics and hardware stores (sometimes for less than $20).

A higher battery capacity also often means a higher discharge rate, which reduces the voltage drop when under load.


Thanks I do have a multimeter but have never used it in that way will give a shot and report back. I’m an RC guy battery is fully charged and holding using a premium charger. I’ll check for voltage sag first then go from there thanks.