Mini Maestro 12 as an RC reciever output changer?

Hi all…

Been using the MM12s for a while but typically only with pc control via Autohotkey… I am wondering if there is a coder out there who can make this idea work.

I have a quad copter with a requirement for a 3 position AUX switch (3 flight modes), of which I will only EVER use 2 of the positions. My RC transmitter only has an AUX 2 position switch.

The issue is, of the three used positions (Up, Center and Down) the two positions I would use would be center and up, and my TX 2 position AUX switch only offers (at the receiver end) Up and Down functionality.

What I would like to do is insert my MM12 between my receiver and the flight controller.
Plug the AUX channel into lets say port1 on the MM12, and then a cable from the MM12 port2 to the AUX port on the flight controller.
In the coding, I would simply need an IF/THEN type code which if the input on 1 is Up, then Up comes out 2, if the input on 1 is Down, then a central value is sent out port 2.
Due to the nature of the function being controlled, a little bit of lag is not an issue, although I cannot imagine there would be much.

thanks :slight_smile:


It sounds like you want to try to use the Maestro to read the signals from your RC receiver. If that is the case, please note that the Maestro does not accept hobby RC pulses as inputs.

I am not sure how your transmitter’s 3-position AUX switch functions, but if the two positions you will be using result in a signal that is between the 900 to 2100 microsecond pulse width range, you might be able to use our RC Switch with Digital Output between your receiver and Maestro. The Maestro is able to read the digital output of that RC switch and you can write a small script to make the Maestro behave as you described.


Thanks Brandon!

I have been exploring a similar option with a picco switch (similar to the pololu #2804) where the open or closed condition would dictate the output of the MM12.


I am not entirely sure I understand all of your diagrams, but if your picco switch works like you mentioned, you might be able to use it with the Maestro as a normal switch. Details for how to connect a button or switch can be found in the “Attaching Servos and Peripherals” section of the Maestro user’s guide.