Mini Maestro 12 and hitec servo compatibility

I am presently working on a robotic arm project that will involve the use of hitec servos. I intend using the Pololu Mini Maestro 12 servo controller to control the hitec servos (HS-422, HS-225MG and HS-645MG).
I want to confirm if the maestro is compatible with hitec servos before I place an order.

I have contacted the technical support crew, but I was not given a convincing answer. I was told it “should” be compatible.

I would like to hear from anyone who has tried it out. Thanks.

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It sounds like you are waiting to hear other people’s experiences with those particular combinations. To reiterate our previous conversation, the Maestro will work with any servos that accept standard hobby RC servo pulses (the same signals output by standard RC receivers). If the product pages for your servos do not make a mention of some special, proprietary interface, then we expect them to be compatible with the Maestro controller.

- Grant