Mini-itx based robot

this is really very urgent…i am making a mini-itx ,pc based robot having 40kg weight , i would like to know whether i can drive my motors using parallel port or even serial port with 30amp motor driver board



Whether the motor driver is adequate depends on the motors you are using. How much current do they draw?

The motor driver cannot connect directly to a serial port. It might be possible to use the driver with a parallel port, but you would most likely not be able to control the speed (since you have to provide the PWM signal).

- Jan

my motor draws 15amp of current ,why is it not possible to generate pwm using s/w when motor driver is connected to parralel port.

The motor driver can deliver 15 A for short periods (a few seconds) but not for continuous duty. If the motor’s stall current is 15A and average is under 8A, the motor driver should work.

It seems that generating PWM in software would be a pain, especially if you need two separate duty cycles for two motors. If you can do it, great, but we can’t help you with it.

- Jan