I am experiencing difficulties using the motor controller. I have double checked wiring, sample code, and baud rates, but still don’t get anything out of my motors.

Any ideas?


One thing to check is your power setup. If you are using something like a BASIC Stamp to provide your regulated 5V power, make sure that you are not draining too much power. We’ve found that the limit is about two motor controllers on a BS2, and that’s if you’re not using the BS2 to power anything else (sensors, LEDs, etc.).

The motor supply should be a battery or some other good power source that can deliver high current. Using a “wall-wart” type DC adapter is often not a good choice unless you are using a very small motor.

Using the same power for your motors and your logic can cause noise from the motors to affect your electronics, possibly causing glitches that can reset the motor controller or corrupt communications.

If you want to do a simple test, hooking up an LED (with appropriate resistor) instead of a motor is a good start.

- Jan