Micro servo controller

hi … im not having trouble with the code for my controller. but was puzzled by what bytes to send the controller. also i send ff 00 and ff in miny ssc mode but no matter what i make the last byte it just moves the servo to its mid position. :?


In case you are sending FF 00 FF, please note that only the first byte can be FF (position should be 0-FE). The servos all move to neutral in Mini SSC mode because the protocol does not allow you to turn them on or off. What this indicates it that you are most likely not using the correct servo number for the channel you intend to control. For instance, if you are looking at servo 1 but send the command to servo 0, you will see servo 1 (and all other servos) will move to middle position (just the first time).

You also might have changed your servo number settings, so after double checking your numbering to make sure that’s not the problem, you could try reconfiguring your servo controller to respond to to servos 0-7.

- Jan

hi thanks for that. its all good now. however the motion range is only 90 deg. i take it u need one of those servo programmers to change this to 180. yes/no?

Add 8 to the servo number to get 180 degree range. You might also consider using the Pololu interface, which gives you much more control over the servos.

- Jan