Micro Serial Servo not working with qik motor controller

I’m having trouble with my micro servo controller and my qik motor controller. When i try to send commands to the qik, the servo controller starts to freak out. The manual says it should ignore any command that doesn’t start with a 0x80. The qik has no trouble ignoring commands. What should i do to get the servo controller to ignore commands, am i missing some setup commands.



Have you followed the steps for daisy-chaining the qik with other Pololu devices as explained in the qik’s user’s guide?

- Ben

Yes i did, in my start up i first did the 0x80 then the 0xAA. The led indicators on both matched what they should (qik had the green hearth beat and the micro had nothing). And when i try to send commands to the qik, the micro would start moving the servos in strange directions. But when sending commands to the micro, the servos worked perfectly.
Maybe I did not put a large enough time gap between the baud rate detection commands. Could it possibly be that I have give the micro servo controller a number ID.


The timing shouldn’t matter much, but trying a bit of a pause shouldn’t hurt. Can you try your test with only the servo controller connected, to make sure it’s not an electrical interference issue?

- Jan

I got it to work. I must have been doing something wrong in my original code. But now they work together.