Micro Serial Servo Controller power question

I’m planning on using Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller as part of stationary setup, one 5V switching power supply feeding many Amps to both the servos and the controller.

What would you suggest regarding power connection - jump the power pin and only provide power to the servo connector and leave VIN pins not connected to anything or,

not jump the power jumper and provide same power to both connection points - VIN and servo power connector?



You should connect power to the servo power pins and use the Vcc=Vs jumper (leave VIN unconnected). Make sure your power supply can produce as much current as your servos will be trying to draw or else the servo controller will reset.

- Ben

So just to summarize, it sounds like the VIN pin is the input of a voltage regulator which then provides the power to the PIC.

Vcc=Vs jumper feed the PIC directly from the supply which provides power to the servos

Is my understanding correct?

That is correct.

Thanks Ben

This is what I suspected. I will jump that block and leave VIN disconnected.

Thanks for the help