Micro serial servo controller HELP..please

Right…i connected the servo power and the controller power, correctly. then i cut open a serial cable, took wires 3 and 5 - are these right? - and connected them to the RS-232 and GND pins. I then connected the power, and the yellow and red lights come on and stay on until the power is removed, or else the yellow comes on the and red flashes. BTW, i am trying to use it in SSC-2 mode, jumper down etc, and with a visual basic program to address the serial port. Does anyone have any ideas why this does not work? thanks.


When you power-up the servo controller, you should see all the lights turn on or just the yellow light turn on. If that is not the case, you should check your connections and look for shorts (for instance, is your board sitting on a screw?) If you apply just power and nothing else, only the yellow LED should turn on. Is that the case for you?

Once you have just the yellow LED turning on, connect the serial line (and ground). If you reset your controller and you don’t get just the yellow LED on, you have the wrong serial line connected, or there is a problem with your serial port. Make sure you aren’t sending anything to the serial port until you get just the yellow LED turning on.

Once you have just yellow showing with the serial line connected, try sending something. If you have a bad baud rate or bad data, you will get the red light to turn on with one of the other colors flashing.

If you aren’t able to get things working, please provide detailed descriptions of what you tried and what the results was.

- Jan