Micro serial dual motor controller

I just got the micro serial dual motor controller and i seem to be having some issues.

it will be used to control 2 motors independently using a BS2 for brains
the instructions say the default configuration is 2 motors numbered 2 and 3

the code (in PBASIC):

SEROUT 15, 84, [$80, 0, 0, 127]
will run both motor in reverse and i have full control over speed

SEROUT 15, 84, [$80, 0, 1, 127]
will run both motors forward and i have full control over speed
and nothing happens with any other motor number

i attempted to change the configuration using:
SEROUT 15, 84, [$80, 2, 2]
as it states in the manual

one motor turns at full speed until it is reset and then no apparent change to the configuration is seen

any help would be much appreciated


It sounds like you’re doing the right thing, but the response to the configuration command definitely isn’t right. Have you tried some other values for the last byte?

- Jan