Micro Maestro - scripting 8 hour wait time

Hi all,

I have a micro maestro connected to a servo. The servo is going to be part of an incubator project, as an egg rotator. The eggs in the incubator need to be rotated every 8 hours.

I have managed to script the maestro to move the servo, wait, and the move back to the original position. What i need is for the delay/wait to take 8 hours, but it seems like the max is 30secs.

Can anyone suggest a way of accomplishing this?



The “Example Scripts” section of the Maestro user’s guide has a sample script titled “Long delays” that shows how you can use the delay command, which is in milliseconds by default, to create a subroutine that delays for seconds and another for minutes. As noted underneath this script in the guide, you should be able to extend this example to create a delay function that would work for hours (or longer). Also, please note that these delays could be off by around 1%.

If you try extending the script to create a subroutine that delays for hours and need some help, you could post what you have so far, and I would be glad to help.


Thanks Brandon. I did come across that section but didn’t notice the long delay part. It did the trick!! Thanks a lot!