Micro maestro quit working

Hi all
I have a micro maestro that I’m using to control 3 servos. It’s been working fine until yesterday. I plugged in the power and usb, launched the standard application, and tried to control the servos…nothing.

I’ve checked the voltage…5.35v
I opened the case it’s mounted in and the green led is flashing fast at a constant rate
The yellow led is blinking twice, pause, blink twice etc
No red led.
No errors indicated in the software.
I’ve done a reset…no help
The servos can be moved by hand.

Is the controller toast or have I missed something obvious (or not so obvious)?


Hi, Steve.

It sounds like the Maestro itself is fine since it seems to be communicating properly with the software. I suspect the problem is with the servos or servo power. Is it possible you might have connected the servos or their power supply backwards? That would probably have killed the servos immediately. Do you have any way to test the servos separately (like an R/C receiver and transmitter)? Also, did you measure the power directly at the Maestro power rails? If not, can you do that? What is your servo power supply?