Micro Maestro Question

Is there a way to make the Maestro (micromastro 6 channel usb servo controller) look through the usb connection for sensor inputs? I don’t want to use the Maestro control center directly. I want to excute a script and have it look to the PC for inputs. Meaning, I execute the scrip, I press XXX on the keyboard, it executes YYY subroutine, then waits for the next input. From what i’ve seen, it seems as if all inputs must be connected to the serial connections.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

PS. I’m really new to robotics and I haven’t coded in around 6 years (and it was fortran…lol)


The Maestro will not be able to control your PC in the way you are describing - instead, you should be planning to write a program on your PC that controls Maestro and can read from the keyboard. The easiest way to get started is to use the virtual serial port interface to the Maestro. There is a paragraph in the user’s guide here about that; basically you will need to learn how to access a serial port in whatever language you are comfortable with. That is probably even possible in Fortran!


Thank you so much for you quick reply! I just wanted to verify that I could control the Maestro via the computer. I can’t wait to get started. Again that you so much for the help. I’m sure i’ll have questions along the way. :sunglasses: