Micro maestro power on position

Hello, i´m new in the controller stuff and got a short question … i`m using the micro maestro with the example script for get_moving_state and was wondering how its possible that the servo starts in the position, where it was at the moment of power off, so that there are only smooth movements and not this rapid one at power on. How to realize that ?

Bye Ralf

Because RC servos do not have a “read-back” feature, it is not possible to know what position the servo is in when the controller is turned on. If you can have a “shutdown sequence” that puts the servos in a known position before you cut the power, then you can assume this position on start-up, and in those cases, it will work well.

If you need to read the servo position back, there are very few RC-style servos that can do this, and the Micro Maestro does not support this protocol. It would probably be better to move to a servo series that uses serial bus control, such as the Dongbu Herkulex, or the Robotis Dynamixels. You can control these from an Arduino, or from controllers built for these servos (like the Arbotix etc.)

ah ok … thank you for your fast reply. Good idea with the end position, i will try that