Micro Maestro not functioning


Our Micro Maestro suddenly stopped working.
We have it connected to USB and control it from a PC. We have 1 servo attached to it, as well as 6V power supply coming into just the Battery 2-pin terminal by the outputs. We haven’t connected or modified any other pins.

We tried to test it today and NO LEDs are lighting up. Also the Maestro Control Sensor does not see the Maestro.

We also tried connecting the Maestro to other laptops (that don’t have any Maestro drivers installed) but even then, no LEDs come on.

I tried doing this - My “Micro Maestro” does not start even though we weren’t upgrading any firmware, but this just has a yellow light turn on while the pins are shorted (and USB connected). As soon as USB is disconnected or the pins are not shorted, the yellow LED turns off.

I also tried connected the Reset pin to Ground, but this leads to no results as well (and no LED feedback).

How do we get this working again?

EDIT: Also, my multimeter shows 4.88 V on the GND & “+5V (out)” pins by the USB adapter, with no servos or power connected, except the USB cable of course.


It sounds like your Maestro is damaged. Just to be sure, please try disconnecting everything from the Maestro and then try plugging it into USB. Do you see any LEDs light up, or see any entry appear for your Maestro in the Device Manager?


I’ve been trying to do exactly that.

No LEDs at all (unless I short the wires I discussed above, which causes a yellow LED to light up). Nothing in the Device manager.

Do you remember what you were doing before the Maestro stopped working? Was it just working one moment and not working the next, or did anything special happen around that time?


I do not remember specifically what happened. I know we were able to control it successfully that same day.

I think I remember weird occurrences like the servo rotating “by itself” in a couple of short instances. In other words, for a fraction of a second, the servo moved a little bit, even though we gave it no commands, this may have happened 2-3 times. When we next tried to use the maestro controller (probably an hour or few later) it did not work.

To be more specific, we have the Maestro connected to a PC via USB. We have a Microsoft Kinect connected to the same PC via USB. And an iRobot Create also connected to the same PC via USB. The iRobot Create provides ~15V of output that other devices can take advantage of. We have a regulator stepping down to 12V for the Kinect. And we also have a Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator D24V6ALV (item #2103) stepping down the ~15V to 5.98-6V - which plugs into the Maestro to power our servo (Hitec HS-785HB).

Thanks for the additional information. Unfortunately, it is not likely that you will be able to fix the Maestro yourself. Please contact us directly and refer to this forum thread.