Micro Maestro & Mac Mavericks, problem connecting to device


Following the advice on this forum, I’ve gotten the Maestro Control Center up and running on the Mac Mavericks OS when the Micro Maestro is not connected via usb. However, when I connect the MM to my machine in the hopes of changing the serial mode to USB Dual Port, I get the following message when starting up the Maestro Control Center:

“There was an error while starting up. Other error.”

The Control Center does not seem to recognize the device; the “Connected To” bar at the top remains blank. However, I can see that the Micro Maestro is recognized by my Mac when looking in, say, the hardware section of “about this Mac.”

No other errors display in either the terminal window or the Maestro Control Center, so I am at a total loss as to what could be causing this.

I am attempting to complete step three of the “Simple Hexapod Walker”: pololu.com/docs/0J42/3). I have successfully completed the first two steps. I am an absolute novice, any help would be greatly appreciated.


We do not provide a version of the Maestro Control Center for Mac. Did you download the Linux software? Did you have to do anything special to get it running, like install libusb-1.0? Unfortunately, I do not think it will be practical to run the Maestro Control Center on a Mac because the Mono implementation of WinForms, which is the GUI library we use, does not really work on Mac OS X. I would recommend finding a Windows computer for this project.

However, if you still want to try the Mac, it might be helpful to know that the “Other error” you are getting corresponds to return code -99 from libusb. I am not sure what it means or how to solve it, but maybe it points to a problem with the way you installed libusb-1.0.


Hello David,

Thanks so much for the response. Yes, I downloaded the linux software and also installed libusb-1.0 and mono. At this point, I’m thinking I might do something like use bootcamp to put a Windows OS on my Mac - I don’t have access to a PC, so I’m hopeful this will do the trick.