Micro maestro in serie

Hi !

I set a pololu 6-servo controller to be UART 9600 and connected the Rx to the Tx of another pololu controller, that last one connected with usb to the computer. Their ground are connected together and they are powered, but when I send a command nothing happens with the micro maestro that is not directly connected to the computer…I tried a lot of different configurations, nothing seems to reach this micro maestro.


How are you sending your serial command? Are you sure your command is being sent correctly? You should first use the Pololu serial transmitter utility to eliminate the possibility that your serial command is being sent incorrectly. Have you read the Daisy Chaining section of the User’s guide?

- Ryan

If you read the Maestro user’s guide you should be able to figure this out, but here’s what you need to do:

Configure the Maestro that is connected to USB:

  • Serial Mode: Chained
  • Serial Device Number: 1

Configure the Maestro that is connected only via TTL serial:

  • Serial Mode: UART, fixed baud rate
  • Baud rate: 115200
  • Serial Device Number: 2

Connect the RX of each controller to the TX of the other. Connect the GNDs.

On your computer, use your Device Manager to figure out which COM port is the Command Port. Connect to that COM port and set your baud rate to 115200. You should now be able to send commands to the individual Maestros using the Pololu Protocol (every command must start with 0xAA followed by the device number of the Maestro you want to talk to). If you set your Mini SSC offset numbers correctly, you could also use the Mini SSC protocol.

You should also consider getting a 12-channel Maestro. Is there a particular reason that the 12-channel one wouldn’t work with you?


Thank you very much, I will try out these solutions as soon as I get back home ! :smiley: