Micro Maestro Com Ports

When I connect my Micro Maestro USB connector, Device manager adds 3 devices: 1 Com port, 1 Pololu USB Device, and one libusb-win32 device. I thought the Micro Maestro would add two com ports-the COMMAND port and the TTL port, as the manual states. Then I could send commands via the command USB virtual com port (dual port or chained modes). What should I see if all is configured properly?

Well now. Directed Windows to update driver for device shown as libusb-win32 device, and after the driver update, Device Manager shows a new COM port for the Maestro Command port.


It sounds like you resolved your issue, but just in case you do not already know, you should see three entries for the Maestro in the Windows Device Manager after properly installing its drivers and plugging the device in via USB. You can find the name of those device entries under the “Installing Windows Drivers and Software” section in the Maestro user’s guide.

- Amanda