Micro Maestro and Wire for VIN-Power

Hello! I have a very small question: I am about to order a Micro Maestro from your site. After seen the tutorial video, it mentions that, as it has no jumper, I have to connect a wire between the VIN and one of the power connections in order to power it on. So, as I want to order all the things once and for all, what kind of wire shall I need? From your “Cables and Wires” section for example, I don’t know what specific to include to my cart for this purpose :frowning: Thanks a lot! :smiley:


You do not need to connect VIN to servo power to run the Maestro. That is only one of the options available. For example, if you want to control the Maestro while it is connected to a computer you can use a battery to power the servo rail and the logic on the Maestro will be powered through the USB cable.

When disconnected from the computer, there are many options for powering your Maestro. You can see all of the power option in the “Powering the Maestro” section of the Maestro User’s Guide.

Lastly, if you still want to solder a permanent jumper to power the Maestro off of the same power supply the servos are using, you can use just about any wire between 18AWG and 30AWG. For a less permanent connection, you could also use a 3" female to female jumper wire to connect an unused servo channel’s power terminal to the VIN pin.