Micro Maestro and servo problems

Hi all,

I’m kinda new to this, ok, I have the maestro micro, and a hitec 805BB servo, plus a 5 volt power supply.
I have downloaded and installed apps and drivers as per the resources tab.
It works, however, the servo seems very slow, weak and glitchy, and makes a constant chirping/beeping sound.
The servo also seems to be constantly “hunting” at the end of every movement too. And continues to do so for as long as its powered up.
All of this is under no load, BTW, nothing conneced to the servo gear output.

My gut tells me that the power supply isn’t man enough for such a large servo so I have a 6 volt 1 amp PS on its way.
All parameters are standard on the pololu app.
Do you think there could be any other issues?


From a brief Internet search, it looks like the free-run current draw from your servo can be around 700mA at 4.8V, or 830mA at 6V. Based on that and the behavior you described, your suspicion about the power supply makes sense.

By the way, since your motor draws that much current at no-load, you might need a power supply capable of supplying more than 1A depending on how much load your servo will be handling in your application.

- Patrick

Hiya Patrick, many thanks for your reply, yes, you are right, having read up a little on the servo’s, it does look like they could pull up to 6 amps, so I need to re-think the power supply issue!

Ah well, problems are fine as long as I can see a solution :slight_smile:

Problem solved, I’m now running my set up through a 6 volt 5 amp voltage regulator bought at a local hobby shop and its working great.
Many thanks

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