Micro maestro and happykillmore

I’m doing for my project the control of servos with micro maestro, and I have problems when I connected the micro with happykillmore, don’t move the servos.What can I do?


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- Ben

Well, How can I do for pololu work with happykillmore?
I connected my micro maestro but happykillmore say me that home not set.why?

I do not know anything about happykillmore (a link to the product in question would be helpful), and you have not provided me enough information about your problem to be able to help you.

- Ben

link to happykillmore code.google.com/p/happykillmore-gcs/
My problem is the next:

I have Micro maestro and I used it to control the positioning of servos (pan and tilt), when I used Maestro Control Center I don’t have any problem whit them I can put in the position I that I want, but when I used happikillmore ground control and go to the tracking option and select output pololu when I do my test for move the servos I don’t get this.

I think that the program can’t play with Micro, I not sure.

Is possible that I need debugger the micro but I don’t know.

Do you have any reason to expect this software to work with the Micro Maestro?

Yes, because I used it for control my system, the software allows receive coordinates by GPS with xbee, and for example with arduino the software send to this information and the servos(pan and tilt) take the position, and for my project I would like to do the same but with the Maestro

I still don’t understand why you expect it to be directly compatible with the Maestro servo controller. Does the happykillmore software support the Maestro’s communication protocol or MiniSSC2?

- Ben

I only need that the Micro is connected to happykillmore and when the coordinates arrive to happykillmore fromm xbee , then the happykillmore send the position to th Micro for move the servos to the correct position.
The problem is that the micro maestro don’t receive this position, what is the protocol for Micro maestro?
Maybe, I will have to debugger the Micro maestro no?

I don’t think it’s a matter of debugging the Maestro, it’s a matter of understanding how to communicate with the Maestro and figuring out whether your software is capable of doing so directly (you still haven’t given me any reason to think this is the case). Have you looked at the Maestro user’s guide?

- Ben

Ben, thanks for being so polite with your response.

This was clearly an off-the-wall post for this forum…as you have no clue what my software is or what it does.

I was unaware that the Maestro boards had another protocol…My Ground Control Station software (HK GCS) outputs MiniSSC and Pololu commands out the serial port to turn servos on home-brew antenna tracker setups. I’m working on the new protocol now…


Thanks for helping to clear that up. Do you mean that your software is currently compatible with the Pololu commands used by our older servo controllers? Please let us know if you have any trouble getting it to work with our newer Maestro controllers.

- Ben

Yes, I’m compatible with about 6 different output protocols. I hope to add Maestro in the next day or two.