Micro Maestro 6 USB Servo - Wiring options


Ref. Micro Maestro 6 USB Servo

There are three wiring options for this product in the manual relating to providing power to device and servos. I’m wondering if there are pros/cons to these options. For example, if we wire together the device and servo power lines, and then the servo’s power fluctuates (assume six 2A servos each stopping/starting independently) will this effect the correct operation of the device? Which is the best config? USB powered device and separate power for servos?

Any experience, suggestions appreciated.


Hello, Tom.

Yes, a fluctuating voltage on VIN could affect the device. If USB power is available then I recommend powering the device and the servos separately as shown below to ensure uninterrupted power to the Maestro:


Hi David,

Your input has saved me a great deal time. Kudos to you.