Micro Maestro 6-port - connecting VSERVO = VIN


Will I be able to use USB port to progamm/control Micro Maestro if I wire it for a single power supply case by connecting VSERVO and VIN pins?

This is from the manual, but it’s unclear if connecting to USB port and managing it is still an option when VSERVO and VIN pins are soldered together.

Please advise

One power supply

If you connect a single power supply to VIN and the servo
power terminal, then the Maestro’s processor and the servos will
be powered from that supply. The supply must be within 5–16 V
and be within the servos’ respective operating ranges and must
be capable of supplying all the current that the servos will draw.

On the Micro Maestro 6-channel servo controller, one way to do
the wiring for this configuration is to add a wire to between the
servo power rail and the VIN line.


You can connect the Maestro to your computer via USB and use it normally while powering it using any of the power options listed in the “Powering the Maestro” section of the “Pololu Maestro Servo Controller User’s Guide”.