Micro Maestro 6 Disconnecting

Hey Guys,

I’m using the pololu micro maestro to control an ESC and sometimes the pololu stops working and I need to disconnect/connect the USB to make it work.

I keep reading about Servos drawing too much current; but in my case, I’m using an ESC.

Any help or suggestions on how to find the root cause will be appreciated.

Thanks a loT!


It sounds like you might be getting some electrical noise from your ESC that is affecting the Maestro’s USB connection. You can reduce the noise by keeping power and motor wires away from your USB cable, switching out your USB cable with one that has ferrite beads at one or both ends, and using a powered USB hub.

If you try those suggestions and continue to have the same problem, please provide more details about your setup (e.g what are you using to power your system and what type of motor(s) are you trying to control). Also, please post pictures clearly showing how everything is connected in your system.

- Amanda