Micro Maestro 6 Control Over Wi-FI/IP

Hello! I just purchased a Micro Maestro 6, and have set it up on my PC with no issues. Very cool product.

Now, I need to get it to work over a wifi network, using a game pad. (With dual analog controls, 2 channels for movement, 2 channels to move the camera on the vehicle, and two for “on/off” switches) The system it will be installed in has a Mini-ITX motherboard, dual core ATOM processor, running Windows XP SP3. I have done some searching on these forms, and am aware of the X-bee wireless modules…but would much prefer to use my existing network for operating the servo controller.

I am not computer illiterate by any means, but do not have any coding experience. Does anyone have any advice, already done this, know of any software, or be willing to write an application to do this for me? (I would be willing to pay, or trade, or we can work something out)


I cannot help you with your programming problem (this sounds way too ambitious for someone with no programming experience, by the way), but I am curious about the mechanical part of your robot. Is it something you made from scratch? Can you post more pictures of its insides or provide a link to a source if it is not scratch-built?

- Jan

I do know enough about programming to understand what this project entails. However, it is beyond my ability to sit down and complete without a long learning curve. I was hoping some other more experienced user on this forum would have completed a simmilar project or would be willing to help complete that aspect of the project, as I am willing to either pay them or perhaps there is something I can do for them. Otherwise, I will hire a software student to do it.

In regards to the vehicle itself, I guess my metal working skills are better than my programming skills. It’s scratch built, made of 16GA steel. I plasma cut the parts and mig welded it togeather, it very durable, waterproof, and can not be “smashed” with anything less than a semi truck. (Tested that by having a few fat people stand on it ha) I don’t have any other pics at the moment, but will take some later and attach.

Also, since the photo was taken, I am changing it to use 4 larger pnuematic tires instead of the 6 you see in the photo, for additional ground clearance and better ability to pass over obsticals.