Micro Maestro 6-Channel wont connect properly via USB

I am having issue connecting my Micro Maestro 6-Channel (0J1433 USC02A) to my Windows 7 x64 SP1 laptop

I have installed the Maestro Software and when I plug in the USB cord, under Device Drivers all I see is “Pololu usc02a Bootloader (COM3)” show up. In Maestro Command Center, it will not see any connection. And in the CommandLine tool i get: “No Maestro USB servo controller devices found.”

When the board is connected via USB, I see a double blinking Green light and a solid yellow light (which the documentation did not list as an option"

I have tried the Serial Transmitter and have received the following for a single "0x81"
07:14:25 PM sent 81
received: 3F ‘?’

Please help. Note the board is set up for the Simple Hexapod Walker.


It sounds like your Maestro is in bootloader mode. Please try power cycling the board or temporarily driving the RST line low to get it back into the normal mode.


Thanks for the tip. By power cycle what do you mean exactly, other than unplug and plug back in?

I did try resetting by shorting RST to Ground and still goes into in Bootloader mode.

Any other options?

To power cycle, just unplug your battery and USB, and then plug them back in.

Did the Maestro’s USB connection ever work properly for you?

There is a pad on the Maestro that will force the Maestro to go into bootloader mode if it is shorted to 5V when the Maestro powers up. I am wondering if you accidentally did that. The bootloader pad and the 5V line are circled in the picture below:

Does your bootloader pad look like anything is shorted to it? If you post a picture of your setup maybe we can see more clearly what is going wrong.


Thanks for your help! It was a short on the bootloader pad.